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Judíos, musulmanes, cristianos en el (nuevo) Mediterráneo. Un crash-course con énfasis en Al Andalus:

Ver también la nota World History, Macrohistory de C. Bactra. Y, por qué no, la serie Blood and Gold de la BBC.

  1. Less a real history that an incendiary manifesto. Many of his theses are not seconded by other scholars or, rather, are rebuked with the strongest terms. The most notable of these is the idea that the standard account of an Arab-Muslim conquest of the Iberian penninsula is absurd, as Islam has not fully formed nor were the advancing North African tribes arabicized yet. The quid of his argument is explained in this interview. As a thought experiment, I find González Ferrín’s single handed revisionism quite amusing: it might be right, but for the wrong reasons.