Any student who needs accommodations for this course due to a disability should contact me privately and present a letter of accommodation as soon as possible. Please contact the Boston University Office of Disability Services to coordinate reasonable accommodations for a documented disability.

Collaboration and Academic Conduct

Your written submission must be entirely your own—conceptually and in your own words. Do not share your outlines or text with others. Bear in mind that excessive similarities between students are easily discerned and will be noted. Do not turn in someone else’s work—in part, or in full—as your own. For more information on academic policies, please refer to the Boston University Academic Conduct Code.


Repeated unexcused absences will negatively impact your grade. Life happens, but repeatedly coming in late is disrespectful and disruptive to the class- room environment, so please don’t do it. Please check Policy on Religious Observance.

Assignment Submission Guidelines

Late assignments that are not excused will be penalized. Your maximum score on an assignment will drop a letter-grade if you miss the deadline, and then an additional grade for each additional day. Assignments three days late will not be accepted.